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Im a confused teenager that wants to be free. I live for the moments of feeling infinite.


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I’m giving away a MacBook Air to a lucky follower, as a thanks for being so amazing for my first three years on tumblr. I will be buying it from the apple store and send it to your address. Please follow these rules to possibly win this MacBook Air!
1. You must be following me. Honestly it would be a bummer if I chose you but you didn’t win simply because you didn’t follow.
2. To enter you must be eighteen or older or have your parents permission. This is just to make sure you are allowed to enter.
3. This giveaway is worldwide, so no matter where you live I will ship to you.
4. To enter all you need to do is to reblog this post. You can like and reblog as much as you want and it will increase your chances. No giveaway blogs though. :)
Enjoy! Share with your friends too if you want! Giveaway ends September 25th!
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la—disputx's give away!!
I don’t wear any of this merch anymore so I’m giving it away yay!
must be following me and my other blog! ( I will be checking)
likes don’t count
reblog as many times as you want!!
I’ll ship anywhere
give away ends December 16th
I will message the winner to let them know they’ve won and also announce it on my blog
Good luck!!!
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Doing a give away for a few free stickers!

   Reblogs only, reblog as many times as you want. 

I will be picking a winner after a couple days,  good luck to you.
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My friends all lined up on the roof, just minutes before Seattle’s annual firework show.

this reminds me of the night my friends and i yelled from the rooftops of downtown Anchorage this summer
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it’s 2014 and there’s still guys tryna rock the 2009 justin bieber hairstyle please love yourself

(via fake-mermaid)

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en We Heart It.
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following back new followers x
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