i like turtles

Im a confused teenager that wants to be free. I live for the moments of feeling infinite.


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Batman 75th Anniversary Giveaway! One winner will receive a brand new Batman Zero Year hardcover. All you have to do is follow PANELOIDS and reblog this post. A winner will be chosen by random; contest will close August 1st.
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So I recently reached my first hundred and this is honestly something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m going to give it a try!
You don’t have to be following me. I don’t really want disingenuous follows (and eventually unfollows) and I’m sure you don’t want me clogging your dash.
You can reblog and like this. Each counts as an entry.
This post needs to reach at least 25 notes. If it doesn’t, I’ll just try again later.
If this reaches 50 notes, I’ll add another winner. 
If you win you get your choice of one of any of the items above which are:   a personalized letter to Hogwarts,  a potion, and a wand
Entry for the giveaway ends July 31st.
The winner will be picked via a random number generator and I’ll contact them once everything’s over, so if you enter have your ask box open. c:
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**PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS TEXT**Romantic Mermaid Wavy Brown WigFlower Crowns
**All clothing fits sizes Small-Medium and some are Freesize!GIVEAWAY ENDS SEPTEMBER 1st 2014 AT MIDNIGHT EDT

Edit: If you do happen to follow me on Tumblr, i will give you an extra pair of circle lenses! ^_^
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This bit in the recent episode of The Carrie Diaries s l a y e d me. Jesus fuck.


oh kidd 
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Leonardo da Vinci - Study of Hands 1474
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My psychiatrist said I should draw to get my mind off things, don’t think she meant on myself but you know ahahah
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First Greeting Form by Lee Crutchley | Quoteskine on Flickr.
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Hayl’s Hemp's First Giveaway!
What you win!I will choose 3 winners. The prizes are 1 rose quartz necklace, OR 1 amethyst necklace, OR 1-3 of my Tarot bracelets. 
The first winner gets first pick, and so on.
Reblogs only (no likes).Following me is not necessary.Winners will be chosen August 24, 2014.
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